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Tokyo+Olympics Guide

out December 12th, 2019 from Kodansha, 110 pages

Story by Sean Michael Wilson, Art by Makiko Kodama

Translated by Yumiko Fukai

The story is a simple one: two foreigners visit Japan - a British guy, David and his French girlfriend, Marie. Their Japanese friend, Takeshi, guides them around some aspects of Tokyo as they prepare for the Tokyo 2020 Olympics to start, and we see pages from a guide book they have that shows them about the Olympics and the various places and games that will happen in summer 2020. 

So, not only is the manga a story it can also be used as a guidebook to the Olympics for foreign visitors to Tokyo.

Published in a bilingual version - with Japanese and English on each page, so it's useful for learning either language. 

The book is now available in book stores in Japan and

If you are interested in the international rights of my book TOKYO 2020 OLYMPICS, please contact my literary agent, Montse Cortazar Literary Agency at

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